Building Quality Traffic Tactics in a Post-Penguin World

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Building quality traffic for your website or online business is one of your internet marketing objectives that want you achieve to become successful and number one in the market. Hence, you need to have substantial and proven and tested link building tactics to perform your website optimization. Below are some of the dynamic techniques you need to use:

Back Linking Strategies

One of the typical yet competent link building strategies is the back linking. It is considered as a not so good way of getting links coming from the link farms, reciprocal link sites, and ‘directories’, to name a few but then it gives you huge traffic for your website.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging stimulates the two best aspects of back linking, relevance and edited authority. The relevance aspect is key as the link coming from a guest blog post will be from a highly important article, itself posted on a highly relevant website or blog. You must search and find reliable guest blogs that are related to your niche and ask them if you can write for them. If so, it gives you the huge opportunity to share information about your website, products and services and exchange links.

Social Media

Using the social media sites as part of your strong online marketing techniques is one great help because it allows you to market your website and products to the world wide world. It also leads you the way to discover the best and prominent web marketers are that dominating the market for a very long time. The best and tried and tested social media sites are Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram and all of them are free and absolutely gives you quality traffic. You have to share post or tweet compelling and interesting info so that you can easily catch the attention of the audience. Also, you have to focus who do you follow and who your followers are so that you’ll favorably benefit on the marketing arena.  

Patience is a Virtue

Link building really takes time, effort, patience and even money to achieve the best result you want for your website. This tactic will absolutely drain your patience and determination so you need to always have positive attitude to keep you motivated and happy. There’s no such thing as an overnight result, you have to works hard for it before it pays you off. As an old adage say, “Patience is a bitter plant that has a sweet plant”.

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Building Quality Traffic Tactics in a Post-Penguin World

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This article was published on 2013/04/15