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Launching a website requires a great deal of planning and commitment. Once you have decided to launch one, you must be ready with a number of support activities that go beyond the tech ones. Yes, it is important that you check and double-check the tech specifics. But Web Design Vancouver specialists understand that it is also important to have other finer details in place before the time of the launch.


Once your website launches, there will be a lot of activities that you will get busy with. One of the most important aspect of a website is its content. Because your website is something that people can visit anytime and as many times as they like, content should be fresh, relevant and mentally stimulating. Once your website is actually launched, you may spend the first month in other activities. Therefore, you should ensure that you have pre-written content that can be posted on the website. This will help you concentrate on other tasks in hand.

Creating hype

Yes, this is a marketing related point. It is a good idea to generate a certain amount of hype before you actually launch a website. When people know there is something coming up, they could be more likely to talk about it. Even if they don’t know what it is about, they may mention it to others and this can give you wonderful word of mouth publicity. Of course, marketing activities after the launch of the website should be in full swing. But planting ideas before the launch is also worthwhile. You may not want to provide too many details before the website is actually launched, but dropping hints is also a considerably good idea.

Linking and Connecting

Before your website is launched, recognize external websites which will launch links to your website. This would include social media websites, blogs, advertising options and other partner sites. You can have your accounts ready on social media websites so that the process runs smoothly once the website is launched. Blog articles, like the content on website, should be pre-written so that it can be posted in time. You need not do everything yourself and instead consult experts who have done the same for other websites. For example, Web Design Vancouver companies may also have web development and media teams who can advice you on these matters.

Soft Launch

A soft launch can get you to improvise on many aspects of the website before the final launch. It is not uncommon to have Beta launches that provide a platform for final launch. Set targets and schedule for both soft launch and official launch.

Get opinions from trustworthy sources

Get people whom you can trust to give you their opinion about the website. When you launch a website, others may view the information/layout differently than what you may have wanted. Even if you have a team that has reviewed the website, it is better to get opinions from outsiders who are not involved directly with your website and its launch. They could be professionals, friends, family, peers who will give you honest opinions and thereby provide a scope for improvement.

Launching a website is the art of mixing of various elements, both tech and non-tech. It is better not to go to the battlefield unprepared. Setting clear goals and abiding by the timelines that you have decided will help you in launching a successful website. Web Design Vancouver companies can help you understand how to not only set realistic time frames and goals but also how to abide by them.

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Checklist Before Launching a Website

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This article was published on 2011/10/03