Common Website Design Mistakes

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Many people who design Website do some general mistakes in Website designing. Here are list of some Website designing mistakes and their description:-

1. Spelling and grammatical mistakes:-This is not any kind of designing mistakes but we often come across to this mistake. We should check that our links should not have grammatical mistakes.

2. Use of JavaScript links: - We should not use JavaScript's links.

3. Use of Pop Ups:- Don't use Pop Ups.

4. Use of harsh colors:-We should not use harsh colors.

5. Use of FrontPage:-We should avoid of using FrontPage.

6. Use of small Fonts:-Many designers do not focus on font size, this also a common mistake.

7.Links not visible:-Some designers give the link color such as the website content has and therefore the links are not visible. So use links color different in comparison to content of the website.

8. Underline normal Text:- By Fault we often underline also normal text . We should check out these faults.

9. Wrong Color Choice:-Sometimes we choose wrong color for our website which does not look better. We should avoid this and should choose best color for our website.

10.Opening new browser window:-Opening a new browser window is also a common website design mistake. Hence we should keep mind of these faults while designing a website.

11.Copy of other Website:-we should not copy design of another website on the web.

12.Copy of content :- If We copy contents for our website from another website then it may be happen that google can catch it and can disaproove it. So that we can not copy content from another website.

13.Unproper Navigation:-We should use navigation in such a way so that user can find every thing in easy way.

14.Too slowly loading web page:- We should take care of this error

15.Missing of meta tags from the website:- If meta tags are not present in our website then any search engine can not locate our website.

16.Selection of Wrong Interface Design:- We should take care in choosing interface design because these are the basic and important things while we are going to design a website.

These are the main common website designing mistakes during designing any website.

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Common Website Design Mistakes

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This article was published on 2011/06/27