How to Speed up your Website?

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Thus making necessary modifications on regular intervals is one of the prime requirements of the website. The regular add-ons on your website might make it slow, thus here are a few of the tips that will surely help you to speed up the performance of your website.

•Optimize the Images:Large size images disturb the speed of the website if the size of the webpage is less than the image. Thus make sure that the size of the image is less. Reduce the image of the size before uploading it on the relevant website. The reduced size of the image makes it easier for the website to load the web page

•Image Formats: A wrong image format can greatly affect the speed of the website to a great extent and thus ensuring the right format is a must. Make sure you save the file in the correct format. JPEG is the ideal format for the photographs and GIF is said to be the best format for the flat images like the logos.

•Good Hosting partner: You cannot do everything on your own so make sure the web hosting partner you choose is the ideal one for your website. A good host can make things work and a bad host can be a major reason for your website’s downfall. Choose best hosting provider according to your needs refer Web Hosting Guide Thus ensure that you select a good hosting partner who can not only manage your website well but also customize your website from time to time according to the requirements of the website. Moreover, it can cater to the technical requirements of the website by offering 24/7 technical support.

•Pluggins: One of the very important and crucial step towards speeding the performance of your website is to remove the extra plugging that is associated with the website. Every time you add a plugging it affects the performance of your website. Thus, you are required to remove all the unnecessary plugging from the web hosting directory of the website in order to boost the speed of your website.

These are some of the very basic requirements in order to speed up your website. There are other factors as well that influence the speed of the website but following these step, it can greatly help you to boost the speed.


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How to Speed up your Website?

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How to Speed up your Website?

This article was published on 2013/08/28