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People who own business need to be careful about what their business website is showing to the world. So whether your small business website really illustrate the right intention to viewers or the search engines or not. Since I'm a website designer I might pay attention to the problems more than the common web surfer but the search engines notice even more than I do. If your business website isn't reflecting in the search results then one of the great tips here can help you.


Meta Tags and Keywords

Meta tags are the Title, description and keywords entered between the head tags when you view the source of a web page. You can view the source code by going to a web page in your browser and then going to View >Page Source. The meta tags start with meta name= followed by either title, description, or keywords.


The title meta tag is probably the most important tag and should reflect the type of business you are in and not necessarily the name of your company. If you own a motel which is named Motor Lodge the title tag should be Motor Lodge/Motel. By having the search term that a majority of people are going to be searching for in the title tag your business website will rank higher and will show up for potential customers. It is also a good practice for local businesses to put your city name in your title tag. By having the city name in the title tag your website will be considered more relevant by the search engines and will rank higher in the search results for your area.


The description tag should list the services or main products your business provides. Make sure you list the main services or products at the beginning of this tag. Since that is what shows up under your listing in the search results you want to make sure it is a true description of your business. You also may want to list the name of the city or town where your business is located. Don't get to wordy with your description tag, you should limit it to 160 words or less.


Keywords are the one area where I see a number of businesses making big mistakes in the eyes of the search engines. I saw one local website for a restaurant that had over 300 keywords listed in this tag. In fact all of the major search engines caught on to that trick a long time ago and they will actually penalize a website that has to many keywords listed. In fact Google has stated that they don't use the keywords anymore to rank a website. You should limit your keywords to no more than 6 and insure that all of them are relevant to your business.


Content is King

In order to get a good ranking on the search engines you must have quality content on your business website. I have seen quite a number of business websites that were no more than on big ad. There was nothing on any of their pages that actually gave me any information about the product or service they were selling. If your business website isn't showing up on the first page in the search results for your area then just add more quality content to your pages. The search engines look at the text on your web pages to determine who is the most relevant for the search term that the visitor typed in. The content on your business website truly is king when it comes to visitor satisfaction and keeping the search engines friendly.


Don't Overdo the Flash

A few years ago it was all the rage on the Internet to have a Flash intro for your business website. If your business website continues to have a Flash intro get rid of it now. In fact you should limit the amount of Flash on your website. Flash may be great eye candy for your visitors but search engines get nothing out of it. If the main message of your website is contained in a Flash application the search engines will relegate your website to the basement in the search results. I know Flash looks really great to the human visitors but you also have to appeal to the search engines. In fact I have recommended to several of my clients to completely remove all Flash from their business website in order to make them more friendly to people surfing from their mobile phones. As a result of my recommendation their website went from the basement to the first page in the search results.


Make Your Website Mobile Compatible

One of the reasons I use WordPress for all of my websites is because it is so easy to create a mobile optimized website. In WordPress all you have to do is install a mobile plugin, activate it and you have a mobile optimized website. So, why should you as a business owner be concerned if your business website is mobile optimized? By conservative estimates, within 4 to 5 years more people will be surfing the Internet from mobile phones then from desktop or laptop computers. So, if your business website isn't mobile optimized you very well may be missing a large group of your potential customers. If your website wasn't setup with WordPress, you can contact myself or another website designer and get it converted to WordPress for you.


How Do I Contact You

I have noticed this on a number of business websites. How do I get in touch with you? If you expect your visitors to click through to your contact page, you are missing out on a lot of business. Put your phone number on the header of your business website. Have an email link in the top 1/3 of your homepage. Have a map showing your location at the top of your homepage. Make it easy for people to do business with you and your sales will increase to reflect it. Even if you have an online store make sure that your phone number and email link are on every page. Some people still don't like giving out their credit card information on the Internet. So make it easy for them to be looking at a product in their browser and then they can call you to place an order.


If you implement the above tips on your small business website the result will be a higher ranking in the search results for your area.


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Some Effective Tips For Business Website

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This article was published on 2010/09/16