Web Designing Verses Web Development

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Web designing and web development are commonly heard words but they don’t mean the same. Long island web designing includes work that enables you to see images or content or anything on your website but the web development involves the functionality of the website. Further in this article you will find comparison of both.

It is not known that a website comprises of several parts like its look or appearance, content of website, its functionality and its usability. The look and appearance part takes care of the graphics, color scheme, navigation elements etc. The content caters to the information, products available on the website or whatever the website deals in all come in part of content. The functionality of website includes interactive features that enable a user to derive the information in which a website deals in and the required infrastructure to provide all the information. The usability part includes all that is required from the visitors view and includes things like program interactions, navigation and usefulness.

• The look and appearance of website- The look and appearance is purely long island web designers work. A long island website designer or graphic designer decides on the color scheme, fonts and layout of each page of the website. It is very important for the long island web designer or long island website graphic designer to have good sense of aesthetics and feeling for what kind of color combinations will best suit to make the website as the owner wants.  

• Content- It deals with the text part which tells about the website, its product or selling service. A long island website having good content means that is self explanatory and conveys accurate message of the providers to the buyers or visitors. You need a good copywriter or content writer to do this job and make your long island website impressive.

•Functionality- it includes the interactive aspect of the long island website including its animation. For this you will need a good website programmer to work on various programming language and make website practically functional. Some programming languages and other programs commonly used are flash, Perl, PHP, java script etc. With the use of java script the programmer can make your website more appealing like the swapping effect on the images when the mouse is pointed on them. The programs that make functionality need the HTML code to be used on the web page.  

•Usability- Usability of the long island website viewed from the user’s point of view and basically includes testing part like checking the appearance portrays the set image, navigation is user friendly, the loading speed of website and the working of applications.

Long island website designing and long island website development

There is a lot of integration needed between long island web design and long island web development. It is important for the effective long island seo of website to have good website design and effectual web development. Long island web design includes content part and the working on the look and appearance of the website. On the other hand the web development includes functionality and usability of the website.
In summary, it can be said that long island website designers and web development require to work as a team in collaboration to make a good and effective website.

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Web Designing Verses Web Development

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Web Designing Verses Web Development

This article was published on 2011/12/24