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In order to survive in today's market it is almost a requirement to own a website of some kind. Everyone has a website and any company expecting to stay afloat in these harsh economic times keeps a website running even if it the most basic website known to man. Having a domain name, little descriptive text and a few pictures guarantees you nothing. Adding a way for customers to order your product or service online certainly gives you a second mode of revenue but still does nothing to truly improve your odds of staying open for business. In order to truly make it in today's market and be able to expand your business you will have to take the internet community by storm. One way to do this is by adding a simple feature to your website; background music.

The possibility of website background music has been around almost since the internet began. It is a fairly simple feature to include that doesn't take very much code to pull off effectively. Why isn't it done more often? Mainly because of old age thinking; many of the company executives and owners that were around when the internet first came out and when online shopping originally busted onto the scene believed this function was either unprofessional or would alienate potential clients. Many believed both.

Why add website background music now? People are bored! Think about it, pretty pictures and art design are a dime a dozen. Every website that means business has them and yours should too. However, hardly any websites on the internet have website music. Many people surf the web in utter silence. Website background music will make your site memorable. It gives your website an added hook that says look at me.

Website music also generates interest. You have about ten to twenty seconds to grab someone's attention before they leave your website forever. Website background music is a great way to get over that hump and get more people to take real notice of your website. The longer people stay on the first page, the more likely they are to visit some of your site's other pages. Whether you're selling a product, trying to get the word out on an issue, or simply shout your opinions to the world, website background music will grab people's attention and get your information across. Adding website music will typically cost you nothing at all. So try it out today and get more hits for longer time frames tomorrow.


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Allow the powerful and emotional effect of music to enhance the visibility of your website.  Website background music you own; no royalty or licensing worries  composed exclusively for your website design reflecting the image you envision.  Music has an expressive and dynamic impact; increasing, attracting, and retaining your customers.

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Website Background Music

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This article was published on 2011/06/01