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With the increase in the number of people owning personal computers, the increase in the use of Internet for shopping, for information etc is also increasing. Most of the websites are in English language and German language ranks second in terms of number of websites. It is estimated that about 40% of non-English speakers uses Internet and hence accesses websites. So for these non-English speakers to understand the website or gather information, the website should be localized into the locale language that is website localization should occur and website translation should be done for these non-English speakers. As such number of website localization services/website translation services companies are increasing and in turn businesses have also become aware of the importance of the website localization services.

Localization term means adapting to the locale area that is locale language. Website localization means localizing the website written in source language to locale target language. Website localization includes website translation. It is just converting the language from source to target.  Website translation not just means translating word to word but its keeping its cultural meaning and keeping the text in context along with taking care of metaphors, phrases, slang and idioms, which are usually lost in the translation. Website localization takes into consideration not just the language but also pictures, symbols etc, because a different picture means different things in different areas. If we consider a picture of girls in small dresses and we are localizing it for a Muslim area then we won’t have much impact of it. Similarly symbols are also different in different places. Website localizations also helps in removing the language barriers and thus promoting the website in non-locale area.

Website localization can be done with the help of human translator or machine translator. Machine translator being the quick one but not much accurate and human translator being the most accurate but quite time consuming website translation. So choosing of the type of translator depends on the needs.

Business owners have come to know these days that if they want to globalize their business then its necessary to localize their websites which helps in increasing their revenue and sales later. No doubt website localization is bit costly process but later on its going to bring more revenue than you ever expected.  More visitors are equal to more revenue. So localizing website will get you quality traffic and hence increases the revenue. Cultural aspects should also be taken care of before entering the locale market.

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Website Localization – Importance

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Website Localization – Importance

This article was published on 2012/03/05