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To make your web design look uniquely different you will have to follow some specified rules. Readability is a prime factor. It is necessary that you should make your website or web graphic images easy to read. Your visitors want you to or expect that same thing from you.

Make your site easy to read. In order to create a good website design you will have to present the information to your visitors in an easy to understand manner. It should be well coloured. The highest possible contrast should be applied in production of HTML text or graphic images or in back ground images. You will have to pay attention to these things.

Black and white go well. They can be the best colours for any website. But these colours seem to be going out of fashion or out of web design industry. They are now making use of various combinations. They are combining various colors, matching one color with some other. Working on different patterrnss of colors. They are developing good website designs by making use of attractive colors. Yellow and dark blue could also be a good match. They know what goes well with what. They have expertise in creating good websites design.

Typefaces matters a lot. This also plays a very crucial role. You will have to make your visitors comfortable if you want to convey a message to them through your website. When you intent to do this your website design should effectively be structured. Typeface should be a standard one. It should be good or reflective. The most legible typefaces are standard seif and sans-serif fonts

Keep this thing in your mind that the use of the decorative fonts or cursive fonts would look good to a certain extent but it will create a problem for the readers to read your information. Do you wnat your visitors to face any problem when they reach your website? Do you want your readers to just appreciate your much decorated website and not read your content or the information you have given there on your website? Certainly no website owener would like to do. We create websites because we want to convey our message to them. So no problem should crop up again

Much decorations can damage your web design. Cursive fonts or decorative fonts look nice but it will not be effective and it will not suit to your purpose. You should pay attention to this. Make use of the common fonts that which are easy to read and can bring some understanding. Serif and sans-serif are two typefaces that are commonly used so they should be used because the information could be readable in these typefaces. If you have a decorative or a cursive font then you are going to lose your visitors. They will not like that no matter how beautifiul your content is. In graphic image you can make use of cursive or decorative fonts but the text should reflect simplicity. \

Positioning your logos could be a difficult task for some people. Logos should be kept on the left side of the page. You can place them even at the center but take care that they should not go to the right side of the web page or they should not slip to the bottom of the page.

Remember a successful or a beautiful design depends upon you positioning of your logos, flags, tabs etc,. Design pages with care. Delve into the creative part of your mind and bring out an idea that is worthy of gaining new visitors. When you design your website, think of the viewers first and work according to the users' eye scan. Menu positioning is also a very important factor. It should go horizontal on the top of the content and vertical to the left side of the page. Do not place your menus on the header. Most of the people do that but you should take care of it. This is actually not recommended or encouraged by the professionals or the corporates..

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Websites Design - Website Designer

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Websites Design - Website Designer

This article was published on 2011/02/05